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Provision of the contacts with JINR is organized by secretariat of the Committee. The great advantage of contact with JINR is precisely tuned mechanism of cooperation and full membership of the Czech Republic. Approval of czech scientists interested to long-term stay in JINR is performed by the MEYS. There are different types of working stays, from short (up to 3 months) to long-term (from 3 months - several years). Due to the difference in incomes between the Russian Federation and Czech Republic our scientists receive special compensation, depending on the achievement of scientific and educational level.
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Committee for collaboration of CR with JINR
Department of Radiation Dosimetry
Na Truhlářce 39/64
180 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 266 177 235
E-mail: dubna@ujf.cas.cz
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Kohout Pavel Mgr., Ph.D.
Slunečka Miloš Ing.
Ryukhtin Vasyl Ing. Ph.D.
Čížek Jakub doc. Mgr.Ph.D.
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Seminar meeting: Czechoslovak nuclear and particle physics: between JINR and CERN
Seminar meeting: Czechoslovak nuclear and particle physics: between JINR and CERN, or looking back at the beginnings of the Czech and Slovak collaboration with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and European Organisation for Nuclear Research
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Documents for long-term stay
JINR questionnaire (english)
Documents of MF CR about JINR
Internal Financial Rules of the JINR Dubna (2007)
Documents for student`s programme
Agreement - CR students in JINR (2014)
Documents of JINR
Order of the JINR director about the allocation of the projects 3 + 3 (2012)
Documents of the Czech Republic
Attachment No. 2 (Czech government resolution dated 02/05/2013 No. 317)
Ćestný doktorát pro R. Lednického
ČJ_pozvánka, CV
Lake Baikal expedition 2017
Visit at the Czech Embassy in Moscow
Visit at the Czech Embassy in Moscow 7
Velvyslanec v SÚJV 2018
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Photo 7
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Изучение кластерной и спиновой структуры ядра C-12 методом ядерной эмульсии, облученной нейтронами с энергией 14МэВ
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Transverse-Momentum and Pseudorapidity Distributions of Charged Hadrons in pp Collisions at root s=7 TeV
Charged-hadron transverse-momentum and pseudorapidity distributions in proton-proton collisions at root s = 7 TeV are measured with the inner tracking system of the CMS detector at the LHC. The charged-hadron yield is obtained by counting the number of re