Committee for collaboration of Czech Republic

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The main task of the Committee is organization of scientific cooperation between czech research and academic institutions and JINR Dubna.


Dobes Jan(INP ASCR)

Deputy chairmen:
Kulhanek Stanislav (MF CR)
Stekl Ivan (IEAP CTU)

Members of the Committee:

Burdik Cestmir(FNSPE CTU)
Fajmonova Marketa(MFA CR)
Hedbavny Pavel(Czech Vacuum Society)
Chudoba Vratislav (Head of the national group of the CR in JINR)
Jilek Stepan(CzechTrade)
Jirak Zdenek(IP ASCR)
Katovsky Karel (FEEC BUT)
Kvasil Jan (FMP CU)
Leitner Rupert (Chairman of the Committee for Cooperation of CR with CERN)
Lidl Vaclav (MPO CR)
Novak Ondrej (MEYS CR)
Pospisil Stanislav (Member of the JINR Scientific Council)
Vratislav Stanislav(FNSPE CTU)
Vymazal Milan(INP ASCR)
Vysinka Marek (Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Czech Republic in JINR)
Wagner Vladimir(INP ASCR)
Wilhelm Ivan (Member of the JINR Scientific Council)
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Committee for collaboration of CR with JINR
Department of Radiation Dosimetry
Na Truhlářce 39/64
180 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 266 177 235
E-mail: dubna@ujf.cas.cz
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Krbal Michal Ing. Ph.D.
Smetana Adam Mgr. Ph.D.
Wagner Vladimír RNDr. CSc.
Federičová Pavla Mgr. Ph.D.
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Czech and Slovak culture festival
On 15 February 2019, the gala-festival of Czech and Slovak culture was held in the JINR Cultural Centre “Mir” in Dubna. JINR Vice-Director Richard Lednický, DrSc. dr. h. c., representatives of the Slovak Embassy in RF and the Czech Cultural Centre in Mosco
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Forms of planned visits in JINR and Czech Republic
Formulář tříměsíčních a dlouhodobých pobytů v SÚJV 2019 (форма ОК)
Documents of MEYS CR about JINR
Affiliation of czech staff for long-term stays into JINR Dubna
Documents of MF CR about JINR
Statutes of the JINR Dubna (1992)
Documents for student`s programme
Agreement - JINR students in CR (2018)
Documents of JINR
Order of the JINR director about the allocation of the grants of CR plenipotentiary (2016)
Grants, Projects
Výzva_Granty SÚJV 2015
Výzva Granty 2017
Zápisy jednání Výboru 2013
Velvyslanec v SÚJV 2018
Photo 5
Ambassador ČR i JINR 2019
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Educational programme
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Commissioning and performance of the CMS silicon strip tracker with cosmic ray muons
During autumn 2008, the Silicon Strip Tracker was operated with the full CMS experiment in a comprehensive test, in the presence of the 3.8 T magnetic field produced by the CMS superconducting solenoid. Cosmic ray muons were detected in the muon chambers