Committee for collaboration of Czech Republic

with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna Login
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The main task of the Committee is organization of scientific cooperation between czech research and academic institutions and JINR Dubna.


Dobes Jan(INP ASCR)

Deputy chairmen:
Kulhanek Stanislav (MF CR)
Stekl Ivan (IEAP CTU)

Members of the Committee (alphabetical order):

Burdik Cestmir(FNSPE CTU)
Hedbavny Pavel(Czech Vacuum Society)
Jilek Stepan(CzechTrade)
Jirak Zdenek(IP ASCR)
Kovalik Alojz(Head of the national group of the CR in JINR)
Kvasil Jan (FMP CU)
Leitner Rupert (Chairman of the Committee for Cooperation of CR with CERN)
Novak Ondrej(MEYS CR)
Plaga Robert (Government Plenipotentiary)
Rudy Jakub(MFA CR)
Pospisil Stanislav (Member of the JINR Scientific Council)
Vratislav Stanislav(FNSPE CTU)
Vymazal Milan(INP ASCR)
Wagner Vladimir(INP ASCR)
Wilhelm Ivan (Member of the JINR Scientific Council)
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Committee for collaboration of CR with JINR
Department of Radiation Dosimetry
Na Truhlářce 39/64
180 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel./fax: +420 266 177 235
E-mail: dubna@ujf.cas.cz
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Procházka Ivan Ing. CSc.
Foral Štěpán Ing.
Čížek Jakub doc. Mgr.Ph.D.
Burdík Čestmír prof. RNDr. DrSc.
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New address of Russian visa center VFS Global

From December 18, 2017 applications for visas to the RF have to be submitted at the Russian Centre for processing of visa applications VFS GLOBAL, which is located at: Spálená 14, Prague 1.

Customer support:
Tel. +420 228 880 691,
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Project is devoted to study of transmutation.
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Investigation of the 2νEC/EC Decay of Cd-106
Search for the β+β+, β+ EC, and EC/EC modes of the 106Cd decay was carried out with the TGV-2 (Telescope Germanium Vertical) low-background multidetector spectrometer installed at the Modane underground laboratory (4800 m w.e.). The measured foil samples