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The agreement between plenipotentiary of CR and director of JINR has been signed in 2010 (see Documents). The agreement allows to send up to 15 PhD. and diploma students into JINR. The study programme is organized by czech universities. The purpose of the student stay is to participate on interesting research for thesis. The stay is limited for 3 years (Ph.D. students) and 2 years (diploma students). Students are supported by special salary and by additional grant (12000 USD/year) to support their research activities in JINR (including participation in conferences). The results of students are regularly checked by the Committee. More detailed information can be obtained from secretariat of the Committee.
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Committee for cooperation of CR with JINR
Na Truhlářce 39/64
180 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 266 177 235
E-mail: dubna@ujf.cas.cz
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Bártová Eva doc. RNDr. Ph.D.
Novák Jan Ing. Ph.D.
Sopczak Andre doc. Dr.
Turek Karel Ing. CSc.
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Call for the Grants of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Czech Republic in JINR
Detailed statement of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports can be found here.

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Documents for long-term stay
Application form (2019)
Documents for student`s programme
Agreement - JINR students in CR (2018)
Agreement - JINR students in CR (2014)
Documents of the Czech Republic
Attachment No. 1 (Czech government resolution dated 02/05/2013 No. 317)
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Formular granty 2017
L. N. Sedlakova - CV
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Winners of PhO 2019
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Pontecorvo School
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Исследование деления тяжелых ядер методом ядерной эмульсии (Проект Беккерель)
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Multiplicities of charged pions and charged hadrons from deep-inelastic scattering of muons off an isoscalar target
Multiplicities of charged pions and charged hadrons produced in deep-inelastic scattering were measured in three-dimensional bins of the Bjorken scaling variable x, the relative virtual-photon energy y and the relative hadron energy z. Data were obtained