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JINR Prizes for 2016 for Czech scientists

Experimental Physics Research
Second Prize
“Investigations of hadronic hydrogen-like atoms in the DIRAC experiment”.
Authors: L.Afanasiev, O.Gorchakov, K.Gritsai, M.Zhabitsky, V.Kruglov, L.Kruglova, A.Kulikov, R.Lednický, L.Nemenov, M.Nikitin.

Physics Instruments and Methods
First Prize
“Investigation of exotic radioactive decays using vertex method: Project EXPERT”.
Authors: A.Bezbakh, A.Gorshkov, L.Grigorenko, G.Kaminski, S.Krupko, I.Mukha, M.Pfutzner, R.Slepnev, A.Fomichev, V.Chudoba.

Encouraging Prizes
“Peculiarity of nuclear reaction mechanism by weakly bound light nuclei”.
Authors: S.Lukyanov, Yu.Sobolev, A.Denikin, V.Maslov, M.Naumenko, Yu.Penionzhkevich, V.Samarin, N.Skobelev, A.Kugler, J.Mrazek.

“Investigation of the deeply subcritical target assembly QUINTA consisting of 512 kg natural uranium irradiated by deuterons in an energy range from 1 to 8 GeV at the JINR Nuclotron”.
Authors: V.Furman, N.Gundorin, J.Adam, A.Baldin, A.Berlev, A.Solnyshkin, S.Tyutyunnikov, V.Voronko, L.Zavorka, V.Chilap.