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23 November 2011
Died Frantisek Lehar

Dr. Frantisek Lehar, honorary Doctor of the CzechTechnical University in Prague, world-respected experimental nuclear physicist, died on 23 November 2011 in Lyon at the age of 77 years.

F. Lehar was a significant Czech experimental nuclear physicist with a worldwide reputation. He studied the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. Then he was employed at the Faculty of Technical and Nuclear Physics, Czech Technical University. He was focused on spin-particle physics. He performed the experiments mainly on large accelerators - initially at JINR Dubna and since 1968 in the French National Laboratory for Nuclear Research in Saclay near Paris. Here he became the leading scientist and was appointed as "Directeur de Recherche" in CNRS.
F. Lehar also carried out the experiments at CERN (Switzerland) and at Fermi National Laboratory (USA). After 1989, he reestablished his cooperation with the Czech physics. He was awaded by the Honorary Doctorate of CTU in Prague at 1996. Since 2002, he was a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, CTU in Prague, where he also worked.

Czech and international physics lost by passing of Frantisek Lehar eminent personality.

Frantisek Lehar interview for Czech Radio here