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Np-237 incineration study in various beams in ADS setup QUINTA

Kilim S. Institute of Atomic Energy, Poland
Adam Jindřich, promovaný fyzik CSc. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology
et al.  different institutions


Scientific journal
Nukleonika, 63 (1), 17-22


Neptunium-237 samples were irradiated in a spallation neutron field produced in accelerator-driven system (ADS) setup QUINTA. Five experiments were carried out on the accelerators at the JINR in Dubna - one in carbon (C6+), three in deuteron, and one in a proton beam. The energy in carbon was 24 GeV, in deuteron 2, 4 and 8 GeV, respectively, and 660 MeV in the proton beam. The incineration study method was based on gamma-ray spectrometry. During the analysis of the spectra several fission products and one actinide were identified. Fission product activities yielded the number of fissions. The actinide (Np-238), a result of neutron capture by Np-237, yielded the number of captures. The main goal of this work was to find out if and how the incineration rate depended on parameters of the accelerator beam.

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S. Kilim, J. Adam, . et al., "Np-237 incineration study in various beams in ADS setup QUINTA", Nukleonika, 63 (1), 17-22 (2018)