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Bormotova Iryna
Bormotova Iryna, Mgr.

affiliation: Faculty of Philosophy and Science SU in Opava, JINR
position in committee:
cooperation with JINR: student programme

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Responsible for grants (5)
01-3-1138 Inhomogeneous Cosmology: the Perturbed Universe Granty 2020 1.1.2020-31.12.2020
01-3-1138 Models of universe with accelerated expansion based on the inhomogeneous exact solutions of the Einstein equations Granty 2019 1.1.2019-31.12.2019
01-3-1116 Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models in Light of Modern Astrophysical Observations Granty 2018 1.1.2018-31.12.2018
01-3-1116 Study of Cosmological Parametrs within Inhomogeneous Cosmological and Astrophysical Models Granty 2017 1.1.2017-31.12.2017
01-3-1116 Inhomogeneous cosmology: cosmological models with variable spatial curvature Granty 2016 1.1.2016-31.12.2016

Impacted Journals
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Exact Solution for a Black Hole Embedded in a Nonstatic Dust-filled Universe Kopteva E.; Jalůvková P.; Bormotova I.; Stuchlik Z. Astrophysical Journal, 866 (2), 98 2018