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Závorka Lukáš
Závorka Lukáš, Ing. Ph.D.

affiliation: Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU
position in committee:
e-mail: zavorka@jinr.ru
cooperation with JINR: cooperated

Personal data

e-mail: zavorka@jinr.ru

Since 2010 student of doctoral degree course of FNSPE CTU specialization Applied Natural Sciences - Nuclear Engineering

PhD. thesis subject: Transmutation of actinides using spallation reactions

Experimental part of PhD. thesis is being investigated in JINR Dubna

Responsible for grants (9)
03-2-1100 Nuclear Transmutation at the Massive Uranium Spallation Targets Projekty 2017 1.1.2017-31.12.2017
03-2-1100 Nuclear Transmutation at Relativistic Beams Granty 2015 1.1.2015-31.12.2015
03-2-1100, 02-1-1107 Nuclear Transmutation in the Fast Neutron Field Projekty 2015 1.1.2015-31.12.2015
03-2-1100,02-1-1107 Nuclear Transmutation in the Fast Neutron Field Projekty 2014 1.1.2014-31.12.2014
03-2-1107 Transmutační studie v rámci Výzkumu slabých a elektromagnetických interakcí při nízkých energiích Granty 2014 1.1.2014-31.12.2014
03-2-1100 Transmutation of Uranium and Some Transuranium Isotopes in the Fast Neutron Field Projekty 2013 1.1.2013-31.12.2013
03-2-1100 JASNAPP-II Granty 2012 1.1.2012-31.12.2012
05-2-1100 02-0-1089 Исследование продуктов реакций при взаимодействии релятивистских протонов, дейтронов и вторичных нейтронов с радиоактивными ядрами на нуклотроне ЛФВЭ Projekty 2012 1.1.2012-31.12.2012
02-0-1089 Transmutation of Actinides Using Neutrons Generated by the Nuclear Spallation Reaction in the Lead Target Irradiated by the High Intensity Proton Beam Projekty 2011 1.1.2011-31.12.2011

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