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Measurement of the pi K atom lifetime and the pi K scattering length

Adeva B. University of Santiago de Compostela
Klusoň Jaroslav, doc. Ing. CSc.  Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU
Lednický Richard, promovaný fyzik DrSc. dr. h. c. Institute of physics of the ASCR, JINR Dubna
et al.  different institutions


Scientific journal
Physical Review D, 96 (5), 052002


After having announced the statistically significant observation (5.6s) of the new exotic pi K atom, the DIRAC experiment at the CERN proton synchrotron presents the measurement of the corresponding atom lifetime, based on the full pi K data sample: tau = (5.5(-2.8)(+5.0)) x 10(-15) s. By means of a precise relation (approximate to 1%) between atom lifetime and scattering length, the following value for the S-wave isospin-odd pi K scattering length a(0)(-) = 1/3 (a(1/2) - a(3/2)) has been derived: |a(0)(-)| = (0.072(-0.020)(+0.031)) M-pi(-1).

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B. Adeva, J. Klusoň, R. Lednický, . et al., "Measurement of the pi K atom lifetime and the pi K scattering length", Physical Review D, 96 (5), 052002 (2017)