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Tichý Pavel
Tichý Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.

affiliation: Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU, JINR
position in committee:
cooperation with JINR: long-term stay

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Responsible for grants (2)
03-2-1100 Neutron flux determination and Monte Carlo simulations benchmarks using a new sub-critical uranium target BURAN Projekty 2018 1.1.2018-31.12.2018
03-2-1100 Experimental determination of heavy nuclei cross sections Granty 2016 1.1.2016-31.12.2016

Impacted Journals
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  • M. Suchopár, V. Wagner, O. Svoboda, J. Vrzalová, P. Chudoba, P. Tichý, M. Majerle, J. Adam, L. Závorka, . et al., "Activation measurement of neutron production and transport in a thick lead target and a uranium blanket during 4 GeV deuteron irradiation", Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A, 908, 347-360 (2018)

  • L. Závorka, J. Vrzalová, M. Zeman, J. Adam, P. Čaloun, P. Chudoba, K. Katovský, M. Suchopár, P. Tichý, R. Vespalec, V. Wagner, . et al., "Characterization of a mixed high-energy spallation neutron-proton field using monoisotopic activation detectors", Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A, 903, 246-261 (2018)

  • J. Khushvaktov, J. Adam, J. Svoboda, P. Tichý, R. Vespalec, J. Vrzalová, V. Wagner, L. Závorka, M. Zeman, . et al., "Monte Carlo simulations and experimental results on neutron production in the uranium spallation target QUINTA irradiated with 660 MeV protons", Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 137, 102–107 (2018)